Lennox Law
Bringing an end to Breed Specific Legislation
Welcome to the information page for the Lennox Law Petition.

Here I aim to give you one page where you can easily access all the links you will need to, firstly, sign for this proposed new law but also where you can follow progress and support the campaign via social media sites, plus give you full insight into what I hope to achieve with this petition and ultimately new, humane law to replace current Breed Specific Legislation.

The first thing we as people need to do is realise the current laws we have in place in the UK for canine control are flawed. The bias nature of BSL dictates that a dog of certain breed or look may be seized and subject to destruction, not necessarily based on their behaviour towards the public but more often than not purely in a cosmetic or breedist manner due to their heritage or how they look. I'm sure you, as a 'dog person', will know without me preaching to you that no dog is born 'bad' and no one breed is 'more likely' to attack or harm you. However, BSL law has created the myth that certain breeds, or dogs of a certain build/look, WILL harm you and need destroying! This needs rectifying before the unthinkable happens and these dogs end up wiped of the face of the earth with this legalised 'culling' of thier breeds. 

The Lennox Law Petition came to be following the very publicised BSL case of Lennox Barnes, a mixed breed dog in Belfast, NI ,who was seized under BSL law despite having done nothing to warrent his being taken, The Lennox Campaign fought for two years for his release but sadly after the very public, high profile case was sadly lost he was destroyed by Belfast City Council in July 2012.

Lennox's story went global during the two year battle to save his life, educating people the world over about the very 'racist' and 'bigoted' nature of current BSL law, the anti-BSL movement grew at an astounding rate during this time and people now understand that to destroy healthy,innocent animals based only on their breed/look is ultimately inhumane and ethically and morally wrong.

And so the petiton was created to abolish and replace current BSL law with a new, humane law which will protect both the public but also the dogs themselves, no matter their breed or how they look, while still being in conjunction with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

I gave the proposed new law Lennox's name as a way of allowing his legacy to continue in the fight against breedism and BSL as he is now a globally recognised name, an ambassador for all of us who fought for his release to remember why we now fight on to end the law that allowed his premature death to occur. It will be his legacy that no more needless deaths occur, that no more animals or families suffer as he and his family did during their epic 2yr fight. It will be his legacy that BSL is abolished,relegated to the realms of history, where it can no longer condone the destruction of these beautiful dogs based on their breed/look not their very individual characters or nature.

To read the full proposal just click here where you will be redirected to the petition page, the full proposal is set out for your consideration and if you find yourself in agreement with the proposal you can sign the petition in a matter of minutes, plus there are links available for you to share the petition via Facebook, Twitter and Email after signing. 

The petition can be supported by following it on Twitter , Facebook or Tumblr and you can access a campaign Twibbon to attach to your social media accounts showing everyone you support this proposal.

You can also click here and here to view/share our info videos on You Tube. The second one is kindly voiced over by Samantha Fox. 

The petition needs a minimum of 100,000 signatories for UK government (DEFRA) to consider the proposal written within it so the more support we can provide the more people will become aware of this proposal and hopefully sign it so please follow via any of the social media sites and share with everyone you can to help get this law in place and start a new era of humane laws for our canines.

Below is a banner you can save and attach to your social media groups or print and display/distribute anywhere (within legal requirements) to again show your support and encourage others to back this campaign. 

Should you have any questions pertaining to this proposed law you can contact me directly by emailing me via lindr76@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability. 


I am in no way connected to the Barnes family,nor Lennox himself.
I chose to take action against the current BSL law having been an anti-BSL supporter for many,many years and following the case of Lennox felt now was the time to take action and finally abolish BSL.
The use of the name 'Lennox' is purely my own way of remembering his life and the tears I as a dog lover in general,and avid campaigner during the fight to save him, shed for him and his family after his destruction.
It is also a means for people to understand why my proposal is being made to ultimately protect canines from this needless slaughter and breedism.
It is a memorial and legacy of the one dog who took the anti-BSL crisis global and opened the worlds eyes to this bigoted law, allowing us as citizens to say we no longer want or need this inhumane law and that we must now provide an ethical and humane law in conjunction with the DDA 1991 to protect both the public AND the canines themselves. 

Linda Rice
Animal Advocate/Anti-BSL campaigner.